Soul & RnB Bundle – From Classic Sounds To Future Soul & RnB

“80 BPM Love Songs” is a versatile collection of loops & one-shots created with a goal to offer fresh and catchy sounds and inspirational starters for lo-fi hip-hop as well as other close genres. Mostly organic in nature this pack is all about warm, rich and natural sounding melodies, textures, and beats. All parts were carefully programmed, played, mixed and originate from our recording library.

Multiton Bits · Soul & RnB Bundle

“Jazzed – Soul & Hip-Hop” is conceived as a collection of beats and melodic starters with a live session, often classic, jazzy and soulful feeling. Suitable for neo soul, hip-hop, rnb, downtempo or lo-fi works this pack brings you galore of inspirational track starters and beats made with 4 different kits. Beside acoustic and re-sampled drums you will also find various percussions, including mouth percussions and other bells & whistles. Melodic side of a pack is driven by often complex 8 bars parts featuring live bass, electric piano, strings and trumpets, all organic by origin.

“Pillow Talk – Soul & RnB” brings fresh contemporary sound tools for Neo Soul, RnB and Hip-Hop producers. We have packed ethereal pianos, warm guitars, various killer bass and drum sounds, but also a selection of vocals and shouts. Inside you will find inspirational melodic starters and meticulously sampled and designed one-shots. Vocals were recorded by our friend and contributor Micky Rose. All of this was inspired by beautiful and soulful RnB & Neo Soul from the last decade.

“Grace – Soul Guitars”features best parts from our recording sessions with Berlin based guitarist Boti Ikvai-Szabó (The Ruffcats, Max Herre, Megaloh), complemented with few selected big sounding samples of a jazz drum set. Inspired by Curtis Mayfield, STAX Records and other old skool Soul legends we are bringing you bunch of soulful sounding guitar track starters.

“Soulful Bits & Starters” packs together fresh contemporary sound tools for Neo Soul, Trap and Hip-Hop producers. We have packed plethora of ethereal strings, warm E-Piano and Marimba melodies, various killer bass and drum sounds, organic and analog, as well as other bits and pieces including selection of Foley sounds recorded exclusively for this release.

Contains: Five Multiton Bits Soul & RnB packs
BPM: 70-140
Audio Resolution: 24 Bit / 44.1 kHz

Requirements: For WAV files you need 24 bit WAV compatible software, basically any audio or video editing software.