Synth Percs. Bundle – Superb Synth Percussions & Drums

We start with “Modeled Percussions”, result of month-long work to create unique and fresh sounding drums/percussions library. Using analog synths, physical modelling synthesis and re-sampled acoustic drums, we designed every sound with special care, making it fit various styles and genres.

Multiton Bits · Synth Percs. Bundle

“FM Drums Reloaded” packs together iconic and newly designed FM drum sounds. These kind of synthesis gained momentum in the 80s and had revival in 00s, to be brought to life again by various synth makers in the last few years. FM drums got a lot of love from 80s pop to 00s dub, downtempo and minimal techno producers. Their clean and sharp but still thick and defined sound always makes them present in the mix.

“Warm Analog Tops” is a collection of unique percussive and melodic samples from mostly analog sources we have encountered over time. Ranging from Roland to MFB and Nord drum machines, these sounds were not featured in our other packs. This time we have concentrated on drum tops that might be just what your beat misses!

“Gritty Percussions” brings together raw strength of analog drum machines and resampled acoustic drum hits, creating a compact selection of loops and one-shots useful in various genres. Inside you will find powerful kicks, lush hats, spacious claps, electronic and acoustic toms, congas, FX, and melodic percussions, recorded through a HQ preamp and edited with special care.

Contains: Four Multiton Bits synth drum packs
BPM: 90-120
Audio Resolution: 24 Bit / 44.1 kHz

Requirements: For WAV files you need 24 bit WAV compatible software, basically any audio or video editing software. To use REX2 files you need any REX2 compatible DAW. Ableton Live sets can be used with latest version of Live and are also compatible with Lite and Intro.