Drum Machines Bundle – 11 Legendary Machines In One Pack!

Drum Machines Bundle features 5 of our releases and 11 vintage drum machines packed together!. From analog to digital and from gritty to lush, you will find it all in this comprehensive pack no matter which style of music you are producing. Bundle includes Roland TR-909, Jomox Xbase 09, Vermona DRM1, Quasimidi Rave-O-Lution 309, Yamaha RY30, E-mu SP-12, Linn 9000, Akai XR-10, Boss DR-550, Roland SC-88 and Kawai R-50e sounds, loops and instruments, from our releases Warmth Analog Drums, re-Yamaha YR30, 80’s Proto Machines, Lo-Fi Drum Modules & re-Kawai R-50e.

Warmth – Analog Drums is a project that we have been working on for a few summer months with a goal to sample 4 rare analog drum synths and squezze some fresh sounds out of them. Beside legendary Roland TR-909, ultimate techno machine extensively sampled here, pack also features less known beatboxes as Jomox Xbase 09, Vermona DRM1 and Quasimidi Rave-O-Lution 309.

The Yamaha RY30 is an elegant drum machine with advanced synth-like features that give it a really great sound. Its sounds come from a sample-based ROM synthesis engine belonging to Yamaha’s SY/TG series of digital synthesizers. We sampled 84 single sound of this legendary raw and powerfull box and created 79 easy to combine 1bar loops to kick start your tracks!

80’s Proto Machines brings together sounds of two classic machines, E-mu SP-12 & Linn 9000, revived and sampled in 24 bit using HQ preamps and compressors.

E-mu SP-12 also known as the “sampling drum computer” was designed in 1985 and released in 1986. E-mu Systems SP-12 is the classic that paved the way for such greats as the E-mu SP-1200 and AKAI MPC series. Redesigned from E-mu’s original Drumulator drum machine, the SP-12 is a classic drum machine used by Madlib, Large Professor, Chicago, DJ Premiere.

The Linn 9000 is an electronic musical instrument manufactured by Linn Electronics as the successor to the LinnDrum. It was introduced in 1984 at a list price of $5,000 and about 1100 units were produced. Roger Linns machine is featured on hit records of Michael Jackson, George Michael, Nine Inch Nails, Queen, plus a whole lot more and these sounds are more than suitable for contemporary music styles needing retro touch.

Kawai R-50e is a late eighties Japanese drum machine, also featuring slap-bass and synth sounds. With our Re-Kawai R-50e sample pack we tried to capture a spirit of this groovebox used in nuomerous tracks and movies at the time, while today it is still used mostly in Manga production. We sampled all 40 distinctive, raw and gritty, sounds of this machine, and not just that, we have also produced 64 full loops and 64 steams (kick, hats, claps, bass, stabs, melodies) that you can easily combine or produce new loops with our ready to use Ableton Live template. Sounds of R-50e can be useful in various genres, from techno, house and disco to electronica, industrial, pop music and more.

Lo-Fi Drum Modules features no less than three machines that were commonly used in home studios in the 90’s, and includes Akai XR-10, Boss DR-550, Roland SC-88 loops & one-shoots plus additional 51 melodic loop created using resynthesized sounds of these now old-school modules! So, beside 105 drum loops and 148 one-shots you will find distorted basses, lively pads, background sounds and various FX (produced from drum hits), 3 NI Battery Kits as well as Ableton Live Set with all one-shots to complete this collection of 3 beautiful early 90’s instruments.

Contains drums, bass, percussion, stabs, synth, effects sourced from 11 machines.
BPM: 85-120
Wav Resolution: 24 Bit / 44.1 kHz

Requirements: For WAV files you need 24 bit WAV compatible software, basically any audio or video editing software. To use REX2 files you need any REX2 compatible DAW and for Kontakt and Battery instruments you will need Kontakt 5.3 and Battery 4.1.4 or higher. Ableton Live template can be used with Live 9.7 or higher and is also compatible with Lite and Intro.