Hip-Hop Starters Bundle – Essential Hip-Hop Tools!

We are opening this bundle with another best seller of ours “Essential Hip-Hop Elements”! Pack brings you selection of powerful resampled drums, freshly sampled percussions, various effects & shouts recreating a classic hip-hop vibe. Conceived as groovebox of our own, this sample pack contains all elements that will make a rock solid foundation for your track! In other words, add a melody, your rap or vocal to a beat programmed with these one-shots and we are sure that you will have a track moving in a right direction!

Multiton Bits · Hip-Hop Starters Bundle

“Dusty Hip-Hop Vibes” features selected parts from our recent guitar recording sessions, complemented with oldskool sounding re-sampled acoustic drums. All guitars on this pack were played by our talented friend Boti Ikvai-Szabó (The Ruffcats, Max Herre, Megaloh, etc). This time we have used Gibson ES 335 Guitar, only subtly treated, so you will get useful guitar samples with enough headroom for further treatment, although they already sound beautiful on their own. These soulful, funky & jazzy guitar licks for your Lo-Fi Hip-Hop/Chillhop projects were recorded in our Berlin studio. None of the sounds come from vinyl but some were processed to sound that way.

“Shouts, Claps, Snaps” is a joint effort of Micky Rose, talented Berlin based singer & songwriter and Multiton Bits. We have joined forces to bring you a pack full of organic hand claps, finger snaps, mouth percussions, mouth trumpets and various vocal shouts, all of it courtesy of Miss Rose and suitable for various genres. These very useful recordings of body percussions were captured using Brauner Phantom Classic Mic and HQ UVI preamps.

“Dusted Hip-Hop & RnB” gives you 10 organic sounding track starters. Here you will find big re-sampled drums, charming trumpets, soft, raw and lo-fi sounding pianos & electric guitar loops and one-shots. All of this together with warm and vinyl like sound design brings you more than one effective and huge sounding tool!

Last but not the least “Scene. Cinema Bits” brings you cinematic sounding elements for your hip-hop, trap, lo-fi, chill, glitch-hop or any production that benefits from this kind of sounds. These samples are also suitable for sound design as all sound were carefully edited to sound huge on their own. From moody pianos, warm pads, mighty synths to orchestral drums, monumental toms and impacts, all is here!

Contains: Five Multiton Bits Hip-Hop packs
BPM: 60-140
Audio Resolution: 24 Bit / 44.1 kHz

Requirements: For WAV files you need 24 bit WAV compatible software, basically any audio or video editing software.