Acoustic Drums Bundle – Legendary Drum Sets, Orchestral Drums & Percussions!

“Acoustic Drums Bundle” brings together 4 releases with a goal to satisfy all your acoustic drums needs! Starting with “ACdrums, Beats & FX”, selection of acoustic drum samples that we have recorded using vintage 70s Ludwig drum set and 2 different snares. Kick and toms sounds where sampled from Ludwig, while snare sounds come from steel Pearl and wooden Sonor snare. We have also added few percussions, congas, shakers, guiro etc.

Multiton Bits · Acoustic Drums Bundle

What follows is a result of our percussion sessions with Cajon, Congas and Djembe. Some even hand-made by our friends, like cajon we have used. What we recorded, sampled and produced is a high-quality selection of one-shots and loops suitable for various music styles. We strongly believe that there is almost no genre that can’t be enriched with these beautiful sounding percussions.

“Acoustic Hip-Hop Drums” brings you selection of acoustic drum hits and loops recorded during one of our summer studio sessions. We tuned 3 different drum kit sounds, from atmospheric and jazzy to tight drums, also changing three Pearl and Sonor snares in the process. Some of the loops were recorded on the spot, while some were programmed later using selected one-shots.

For “Organic & Foley Percs.” we have recorded various instruments using HQ mics and preamps. From cajon, conga, djembe, shakers to classic acoustic drum set elements like snare, kick, toms, cymbals & hats. Also included is a selection of unique foley percussive sounds to spark your imagination. Check it out, we are sure that selection for “Acoustic Drums Bundle” will be the one that you are coming back to!

Contains: Four Multiton Bits acoustic drums & percussions packs
BPM: 80-90
Audio Resolution: 24 Bit / 44.1 kHz

Requirements: For WAV files you need 24 bit WAV compatible software, basically any audio or video editing software.