Techno Elements Bundle – Essential Techno Tools!

We selected 5 of our favorite techno releases for “Techno Elements Bundle”. From vintage to current techno, spiced up with berlin style minimal and electro sound, to house and related subgenres. We start with “Techno & Foley Session” gives you the best bits selected from our spontaneous synths/drum machines session, as well as accompanying Foley sounds that we have captured exclusively for this pack. Sounds were sampled from our favourite synths, using hardware from Waldorf to Arturia. Foley sounds were recorded with HQ Neumann microphone through top Metric Halo audio preamps to give you the best possible quality.

Multiton Bits · Techno Elements Bundle

“Future Rave Chords” features big sounding synths and drums, mighty basses, ethereal pads and meticulously programmed drum patterns. All you need to start and finish your House, EDM, Techno or any kind of Dance project is here. We have used Waldorf, Access, Roland, synths and drum machines for this project with aim to make bright, lush and massive chords, synth lines and beats!

“Glitchy Systems” contains from the scratch designed sounds, bass, drums, leads, fx loops and drums one-shots from various analog and digital sources. These sounds are inspired by Buchla’s first modular electronic music system and early electronic music experimentations of the the 1970s. Buchla’s equipment was used by pioneer sound designers and composers of the time like Suzzane Ciani.

“Nonsquare Techno” packs together all elements you need to build originally sounding berlin style techno track or to finish your existing productions! From drums, basses, lead synths, keys, pads and effects to powerful one-shots you will find it all inside. Main idea behind this pack was to create original sounding collection of techno sounds to be used with various techno styles, and related genres.

We conclude our bundle with emotional and big, warm and authentic, sound we have tried to capture with “Analog Sequences”! Using top analog synths recorded through HQ preamps our goal was to bring big, thick and lively analog sounds to your table! This compact but versatile pack features 78 inspirational starters in a form of constantly developing 8bar loops. Check it out!

Contains: Five Multiton Bits Techno packs
BPM: 80-125
Audio Resolution: 24 Bit / 44.1 kHz

Requirements: For WAV files you need 24 bit WAV compatible software, basically any audio or video editing software. Ableton Live templates can be used with latest version of Live and is also compatible with Lite and Intro.