Sylenth, Vocoder & Bits – Synthpop, Chill, Downtempo

Sylenth, Vocoder & Bits is a result of a two studio sessions which gave us this compact but powerful starter pack. We singed into vocoder, played bass, synth and also drums in mpc style with hope to offer you some inspiring material with a live feeling.

Multiton Bits · Sylenth, Vocoder & Bits Preview

Inside you will find recordings of a vocoder action, lively drum beats, dreamy trumpets, mighty electric bass and other melodic stuff. Essentially the best parts of our sessions. We have also added 18 Sylenth1 presets that we have designed especially for this pack.

No matter are you into chill, downtempo, synthpop or more experimental music forms, are you looking for inspiration or some live vintage vibe, we are sure that you will find some useful sounds here!

Contains: Vocoder, Bass, Synth, Trumpets, Drums
BPM: 70
Audio Resolution: 24 Bit / 44.1 kHz

Requirements: For WAV files you need 24 bit WAV compatible software, basically any audio or video editing software. To use Sylenth1 presets you need Sylenth1 v3.067 or higher.