Neon Memories – Nostalgic Synthwave & Retrowave Trip!

With flashes of neon lights on long highways from Europe to USA we are presenting you our latest sample pack “Neon Memories”! We approached this production freely indulging in beautiful, emotional and more uplifting side of synthwave and retrowave! Nostalgia was obviously main dish on the menu is wrapped in slick contemporary production.

Multiton Bits · Neon Memories – Preview

This microgenre of electronic music is mostly associated with action, science-fiction, and horror film soundtracks of the 1980s. Other influences are drawn from the decade’s art and video games. The genre developed in the mid-to late 2000s through French house producers. As long time synthwave fans it was a real pleasure for us to produce these inspirational starters and we believe you will find them as more than a good starting point!

Contains: Drums, Synths, Percussions
BPM: 80
Audio Resolution: 24 Bit / 44.1 kHz

Requirements: For WAV files you need 24 bit WAV compatible software, basically any audio or video editing software.