Ableton Live Series: Essential 90s Chords

Essential 90s Chords is a second release in our Ableton Series Collection. These releases feature HQ WAV One-Shots & Loops, Live Racks & meticulously programmed MIDI loops that will enable you to produce music in a non-destructive manner while getting insight into our production methods. All one-shots are sampled in pristine 24-bit and aesthetically and tone-wise perfectly fit together. Remember how old school sample based grooveboxes and romplers work? Any combination of samples functions well. This is exactly how our Essential 90s Chords works! Check our demo track, first half is 80 BPM and second is 120 BPM, hear how same sounds work for different styles.

Beside 2 Ableton Live Sets, sounds are also provided as WAV Loops & One-Shots sorted in 4 sections, so you can use them in any sampler or sequencer of your choice in a same manner. Inside you will find crispy but warm synth chords, memorable stabs, fat bass tones, analog drums set and selection of sound effects.

Sounds come from different analog and digital sources, including Roland, Nord synths, Jomox drum machine, and feature all elements needed to build a track. Essential 90s Chords work great with old school and contemporary House, Techno and Electronica, but you can also use it for Future Beats or Hip-Hop. Check our demo on 120 & 80 BPM and hear beautiful tones 90s Dance & Electronica were famous for!

About Ableton Live Sets: In Session View you will find 4 tracks with 169 one-shots in 4 sampler racks and 64 loops in MIDI format. In Arrangement View you will find complete track arrangement that you can hear in our demo. Twist it, cut it, change any part of the pack or use it as it is. All files in this release are Royalty Free.

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Contains Synth Chords, Bass, Analog Drum Machine and Effects
BPM: 80-120 BPM
Audio Resolution: 24 Bit / 44.1 kHz

Requirements: For WAV files you need 24 bit WAV compatible software, basically any audio or video editing software. Ableton Live Project can be used with Live 9.7 or higher & with Live Lite and Intro.