Computer Drums – Ultimate C64 Drums

Computer Drums are a selection of a most usable drum samples we have captured from original SID Chip used in Commodores computers during 80s. SID is a three-voice synth module capable of producing powerful digital drums often used in game audio production as well as in Chiptune, Glitch Hop and similar genres.

Multiton Bits · Computer Drums Preview

We have sampled 125 one-shots and programmed 31 loop, ranging from fat kicks, mighty snares and toms to crystal and sharp hats and cymbals. Also included are memorable percussions and unique sound effects created with this legendary chip synth. We invite you to check this pack out and find some unique drum sounds for basically any kind of electronic music!

Contains: Drums, Percussions, FX
BPM: 80
Audio Resolution: 24 Bit / 44.1 kHz

Requirements: For WAV files you need 24 bit WAV compatible software, basically any audio or video editing software.