Cinematic Electronix – Orchestral & Electronica Sound Adventures!

Cinematic Electronix is a collection of carefully designed one-shots for sound designers and music makers who want to add complex organic sounds and lively electronic samples and sequences to their production. Meticulously programmed to give special shine to your tracks and make them stand out, we believe this is a collection you will come back to!

Created for use in musical composing or while working on soundtrack for other media like games and film, each sample is edited with full attention and devotion. Sounds in pristine 24 bit WAV are sorted in 3 sections, Orchestral Sounds, Electronic Sounds and Background Tracks, also including Ableton live set featuring al 111 one-shoots and 12 MIDI files. Cinematic Electronix can be used in any genre, and it brings lively organic and electronic vibes to your tracks!

Single hits were created by layering more one-shots including foley sounds (rain, river, breathing, etc…) recorded especially for this pack, edited and mixed to create fresh and rich sounding samples. Beside 51 orchestral multi one-shot combining strings, drums, flutes, vox and foley sounds we have also packed 60 specially designed electronic sounds, chords, stabs, processed percussions, FX, but also heavily edited organic sounds like guitars and cymbals.

We have finalized the pack with 20 long cinematic background tracks averaging around 1 minute in length which is over 21 minute of ready made music to be used in your project. Our Ableton Live set also enables you to easily create sparkling sequences and loops with all sounds and MIDI tracks loaded in two racks. Enjoy Cinematic Electronix and make some exciting music!

Contains strings, drums, flutes, vox, electronic, processed & foley sounds:
BPM: 100 BPM
Audio Resolution: 24 Bit / 44.1 kHz

Requirements: For WAV files you need 24 bit WAV compatible software, basically any audio or video editing software. Ableton Live template can be used with Live 9.7. or higher and is also compatible with Lite and Intro.