Atmospheres & Backgrounds – Ethereal Cinematic Sounds

Atmospheres and Backgrounds is a collection of cinematic and experimental tracks and samples suitable for various use. While being aimed at more adventurous musicians looking for inspirational base material, complex or simple elements to incorporate in their tracks or live performances, this pack will also be useful to sound designers working with film and games.

Ethereal ambiences and subtle melodies, dynamic and dramatic compositions, short but effective sequences, well designed effects and transitions, all of these are included. They can be part of your project or even form a complete track. Different variations can be found and used as main themes, background sounds or effects, altogether you will find a plethora of royalty free material to use.

Pack consists of 111 WAV files, over 950 MB of material and over 1 hour of original sounds, from 1 second to over 3 minutes in length. Sounds are separated in 6 different sections: Orchestral Themes, Orchestral Instruments Solo, Melodic Backgrounds, Electronic Themes, Short Sequences and Effects. Files are processed and ready to use, with enough space to allow further processing if needed. They are descriptively named, including length, easy to browse and use in your project. Enjoy Atmospheres & Backgrounds!

Contains orchestral, acoustic and electronic, themes, stems, effects, 111 original audio tracks
BPM: Various
Wav Resolution: 24 Bit / 44.1 kHz

Requirements: For WAV files you need 24 bit WAV compatible software, basically any audio or video editing software.