House Of Tools – Our perception of House and Techno

“House Of Tools” is a result of joint work of three of our sound designers. Putting their heart and sweat into these contemporary house loops and sounds, they also give homage to old skool house, techno and disco music, bringing to your table this fine package.

After getting a concept together all producers gave their best using different hardware and software to contribute to this house sounds library. We wanted to create a package that is not locked into one specific sub genre of house, but rather explores a pallet of house sounds from the last few decades. Expect to find variety in sound, ranging from house and disco to deep techno, with a different approach to house sound from every of our colleagues.

We created six REX2 and five NI Kontakt instruments, more than some cactchy and lively loops and single hits, fitting good together, so you can easily build a grooves and build your tracks upon it. Not to forget, lot of our beats have been tested on a club sound system, we saw reactions and we included 10 tracks as DJ tools, ranging from 16 seconds to two minutes in length.

Features drums, bass, percussion, synths, leads, pads, strings, effects sounds and tracks:

• 317 original royalty free audio files
• 217 Wav loops
• 90 Wav single hits
• 36 REX2 loops
• 6 REX2 Instruments
• 5 NI Kontakt instruments
• 10 DJ tools/ tracks

Requirements: For WAV files you need 24 bit WAV compatible software, basically any audio or video editing software. To use REX2 files you need any REX2 compatible DAW and for Kontakt instruments you will need Kontakt 5.3 or higher.

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